SOCIE/大同工業本社ビル/DAIDO KOGYO Headquarters

2023年竣工 / 静岡県伊東市 / 業務範囲:構造設計・工事監理
建築設計:蘆田暢人建築設計事務所 / 写真:井上玄
Shizuoka, Japan 2023
Scope of work: Structural design and construction supervision
Architect: Ashida Architect & Associates
Photography: Gen Inoue

A project of the headquarters for a construction company celebrating its 100th anniversary. The basic framework of the building is a six story steel rigid frame with nine columns which has a plan of 15 meters square. The second and third floors have an attached volume, a square pitched roof, and a deck terrace open to the community, with a large spiral staircase connecting the terraces.

In order to achieve the sharp design characteristic of steel construction, structural details such as the posts and treads of the spiral staircase, the eaves of the pitched roof and balcony were determined through several discussions with the architect.

構造:鉄骨造 一部 RC造

建築:蘆田暢人建築設計事務所 担当:蘆田暢人、善岡亮太、髙橋侑平、王兪驊
構造:村田龍馬設計所 担当:村田龍馬、小坂大和
設備:YSE-DO 担当:依田和幸
施工:大同工業 担当:大川真人

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